Risk Notice

The purpose of this notice is to warn each user of the site about possible losses associated with the performance of actions on the site and operations in the financial markets.

There are systemic risks in the financial market that reflect the socio-political and economic conditions of the country’s development and are not associated with a specific financial market instrument. The main systemic risks include: political risk, the risk of unfavorable (in terms of business conditions) changes in legislation, macroeconomic risks (sharp devaluation of the national currency, government debt market crisis, banking crisis, currency crisis, etc.). Systemic risks also include the risks of occurrence of force majeure circumstances.

There are also financial risks, which are the risks of real damage and loss of profit arising from the implementation of financial transactions due to the possible adverse impact on them of a number of market factors. The probability of occurrence of financial risks is usually higher than systemic ones. The following types of financial risks are distinguished: risk of leakage of own data, currency risk, risk of loss of own funds, interest rate risk, liquidity risk, price risk, issuer bankruptcy risk, risk of illegal actions, technical risk. There is a risk of a conflict of interest in the activities of a professional participant in the securities market, a conflict of interest between a professional participant in the securities market and his client, a conflict of interest between different clients, a conflict of interest when combining types of professional activity in the securities market.

There is also the risk of a technical failure, which means any technical interference that prevents any action on the site, including the choice of software and hardware of the user. This notice may not disclose all information about all potential risks due to the variety of possible situations.

Jotul Capital by this notice warns the user of the site about possible risks and is not responsible for all possible risks. In view of the foregoing, the user of the site should carefully consider whether transactions in the financial market and activities on the site are comparable to possible losses and whether they are acceptable for the user in the light of his financial capabilities.

All of the above is not intended to force the user to refuse operations in the financial market or actions on the site, but is only intended to help the user understand the risks associated with the implementation of any actions on the site, determine their acceptability, assess their financial goals and capabilities and responsibly approach the issue. on the choice of an appropriate investment strategy, as well as software for carrying out operations in the financial market and actions on the site. All information that is on the site JOTUL CAPITAL does not carry a recommendation purpose or a call to action. All actions performed by the user on the site are carried out by users at their own expense, at their own discretion and at their own risk. The user is fully responsible for all possible risks of using the site for actions performed on it. Also, the user is responsible for using the site in countries where it is prohibited and is responsible arising from the peculiarities of regulation in the respective country, taking into account all possible methods of changing geolocation. By proceeding to any actions on the site, you accept and understand all possible risks.

Jotul Capital

The data is brokerage information, the owner (owner) of which is JOTUL CAPITAL LIMITED. Distribution, broadcasting, or other provision of brokerage information to third parties is possible only in the manner and on the terms provided for by the procedure for using brokerage information provided by JOTUL CAPITAL LIMITED No. 14330610. Company address 30 ST. MARY AX, LONDON, ENGLAND EC3A 8EP.

The materials presented in this section do not constitute individual investment recommendations. The financial instruments or transactions referred to in this section and may not be suitable for you, may not suit your investment profile, financial position, investment experience, knowledge, investment objectives, attitude to risk and return. Determining the compliance of a financial instrument or transaction with investment objectives, investment horizon and risk tolerance is the task of the investor.

JOTUL CAPITAL LIMITED is not responsible for possible losses of the investor in the event of transactions or investing in financial instruments mentioned in this section.

The information cannot be considered as a public offer, an offer or an invitation to purchase or sell any securities, or other financial instruments, or to make transactions with them. The information cannot be considered as guarantees or promises in the future of the return on investment, the level of risk, the number of costs, or the break-even of investments. The result of investing in the past does not determine the income in the future. Before making an investment decision, the Investor must independently assess the economic risks and benefits, tax, legal, and accounting consequences of concluding a transaction, and his willingness and ability to accept such risks. The client also bears the costs of paying for brokerage and depository services, submitting orders by phone, and other expenses payable by the client. You also need to read the risk notice before making trades.