5 real tips for realizing the interests of traders

Here we will open the curtain on the dark world of trading as we act in your interests. Therefore, we have prepared the most useful tips so that you are with us on the bright side. Learn more at our training center


Why is it profitable to trade with us

Tips for traders

  • Use the maximum leverage.
    Many brokers provide margin trading for traders, and this can be a tool, especially for Overclocking the deposit. However, you can use this tool very carefully and take the minimum leverage, following the rule – the less, the more reliable. Large leverage gives the illusion of opportunity, not the opportunity itself – after all, focusing on the potential growth of profits, would-be trainers forget to mention the proportional growth of loss.

  • Trade without a protective stop loss order.
    One of the most harmful pieces of advice, especially for short-term Intraday traders.
    What is the argument?
    A closure stop too often “knocks out” a trader from the market with a correct forecast. But it is better to “re-enter the market” having lost the minimum amount than to suffer losses that can be a real disaster for the deposit.

  • Earn from scratch and without effort.
    The promise to earn millions quickly, without investment and without effort is one of the biggest deceptions of unscrupulous pseudo-brokers. Efforts and means for successful activity are necessary. Successful traders study and analyze a lot. Any profitable deal is the result of serious preparatory work.

  • When the market moves in the opposite direction, do not close the losing position, but use the tactics of averaging.
    Such strategies are often advertised on various resources. But it is worth knowing that losses with this approach grow exponentially, and not every deposit can withstand such a test. This approach is more appropriate in a casino.

  • Take risks to earn more.
    There is enough risk on the stock exchange, and to increase it by thoughtless actions is the height of irresponsibility. The market does not forgive adventures and quickly takes away the funds of frivolous players. Competent traders do not take risks, but, on the contrary, strictly follow the rules of risk and capital management, not allowing the market to take away more than the trader himself can allow.

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